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Darjeeling : Badamtam School facing problem of CRPF Occupancy, Still Nation is shut towards the Atrocities

Darjeeling : The Badamtam Junior Basic School, which opened 3 weeks ago after a the long strike of 104 days, has not been able to function properly or conduct classes due to the CRPF occupancy. The school classrooms are being used by the CRPFs to sleep, while the compound is used by them to dry their clothes. The drains remain clogged and give out foul smell. The school had a small kitchen garden, which has now been destroyed and turned into a watch place with cement bunkers.

The students aren't allowed inside their own school and the teachers have been teaching them outside the school premises. Also, since the kitchen of the school is being used by the CRPF to prepare their meal, the provision of mid day meal to the students has stopped. The students of the school basically come from BPL families, already deprived of many luxuries and opportunities in life, and such an act by the CRPF deprives them of their basic right of education too.

The school has already filed a complaint with the S.I. and D.I. of schools but no action has been taken yet. And no to forget Kanchajunga school who used to give free education to the bpl students.

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