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The dates for talks with the Central Government will be announced very soon : Roshan Giri

New Delhi : Gorkha Janmukti Morcha's General Secretary Roshan Giri said that Since this is a critical juncture by for the Gorkhaland movement, for which 13 Gorkhas have given their ultimate sacrifice in these past four months, over 300 are in jail suffering under worse conditions, hundreds are recovering from their injuries, and thousands have endured innumerable hardships, all with the will and desire to fulfill our collective dream - Gorkhaland. Our President Shri. Bimal Gurung has been advised not to make the proposed public appearance on the 30th of October, lest it gives the West Bengal Government an opportunity and excuse to jeopardize the upcoming talks. Respecting the advise, our President has agreed not to make the public appearance he had announced earlier. Prospective dates for his public appearances will be announced soon. 

Despite all attempts at pinning unfounded cases against our President Shri. Bimal Gurung and other leaders loyal to the Gorkhaland cause, including tarnishing the reputation of the entire Gorkha community as being ‘terrorists and militants,’ the will of the Gorkhas’ remain unshaken. We have always strived to walk on the paths shown by Gandhi ji and have steered our Andolan in a completely democratic and constitutional manner since our foundation in 2007. I want to reiterate that we will continue our Andolan with the same spirit of Satyagrah that the father of our nation championed.

The Central Government is very aware of the actual ground realities, which is why they have pulled back central forces from the region, despite desperate attempts by the West Bengal government to continue their deployment and presence, in order to keep Gorkhaland supporters living in a state of fear and intimidation. We look forward to putting Gorkhaland demand on track towards reality in the upcoming talks with the Central Government.

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Aradhana Khatri Gurung said...

So sad to see People suffering and tortured for Gorkhaland demand.....
If government has so much problem then please answer me why they have made so many state....You see the contribution of Gorkha in Army and other fields....Respect them and give Gorkhaland....

Else remove all state from India

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