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Shamefull Incident in Britain : Racist Teenagers laugh at elderly Gurkha soldiers while pelting eggs at them

London : 5 Days earlier The secondary school pupils, from Fernhill School in Farnborough, can be heard laughing in the video as they taunt the elderly men by flinging eggs at them, one of which struck a soldier on the back of the head. Footage of the incident was posted on Snapchat, where it was copied and shared on Facebook. Shocked locals have now complained to the school after seeing the video and are demanding staff teach their pupils about cultural diversity. Commenting below the Facebook post, Tricia Webb said: ‘These idiots need to be named and shamed in front of the school and their families! This is disgusting behaviour. ‘Youth has no respect for anyone these days.’ Martin Robert Gray wrote: ‘This video summarises what’s wrong with our society today. ‘To think it’s funny to egg another person as they walk down the street minding their own business, is saddening and shocking, but to then laugh whilst doing it?. ‘Zero respect was shown to the two elderly gentlemen who have probably sacrificed more than most, so we can enjoy the freedom we have in this country. 

‘I’m afraid to say it, but you’re all poor excuses for human beings.’ Responding to these comments, local resident Linda Barney said: ‘What happened in this video was disgraceful and yes the youngsters involved should be spoken to but I do think people need to calm down and stop the threats. ‘These are a handful of children and do not represent all of Fernhill pupils, and yes, all races have children who behave like this and need to told to respect others, no matter what colour their skin is or where they come from.

‘Please let the authorities handle this.’ A letter of complaint from Sushan Limbu, addressed to Fernhill School, read: ‘I have witnessed some school kids throwing eggs at elderly people, which I must say is very disrespectful. ‘I have heard that these kinds of incidents happen quite regularly there, therefore I would like to encourage you to prepare counter measures. ‘I expect some action from you aimed towards mitigating or completely eradicating such incidents from happening in the future.’
The mother of one of the girls pictured in the video, said: ‘I am the mother of the girl laughing in this, and the other girl is my friend’s daughter. ‘Fernhill school are aware and both girls have been excluded (sic). They are meeting with these people later today to apologise.
‘Everyone that knows me will tell you I’m far from a bad parent, so do not try to shame the parents. No parent knows what their kids are up to when they’re out. ‘I’m disgusted by what the girls have done, and yes it’s disrespectful to elders, but one thing I must say to all you adults is that you have sunk lower than these girls by writing vile, nasty, and disgusting comments. ‘We are not racist, it’s just kids being kids.

‘The egg got thrown by this girl because the old man thought she had egged him when actually it was the boy, and he threw an apple at her, hit her in the face and then went to punch her. ‘Both of these girls have been punished for their actions. ‘I’ve seen Nepalese people bully and throw stones at other people, carry knifes around and threaten people. ‘You are all as bad so don’t make out that you’re all perfect. These girls know what they have done is wrong now leave it to us parents and the school to deal with.’

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