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NGC strongly condemns Bengal State Government to terrorise the innocent people of Darjeeling

New Delhi : National Gorkhaland Committee (NGC) strongly condemns the unwarranted use of state machinery by the Bengal Government to terrorise the innocent people of Darjeeling. The people of Darjeeling are engaged in a democratic and peaceful movement demanding the creation of Gorkhaland state within India as per the provisions in the Indian Constitution.

It is disturbing to know that night long raids are carried out over peaceful habitations and women, elderly, and the children are also not being spared the terror. There are reports of a number of deaths in unprovoked and indiscriminate firing by the police. 

The demand and the movement for Gorkhaland is a long-standing political demand of the Gorkhas. The legitimacy of the demand has been acknowledged both by the State and the Central Government on various occasions. Infact, the Bengal Government is already  engaged in talks with various political parties on the issue. The use of police force in engaging with a political issue is undemocratic and against the spirit of the Indian Constitution.

NGC demands the immediate stopping of the police action against the peace loving people of Darjeeling and the setting up of an inquiry to ascertain the circumstances leading to the illegal use of police force.

NGC also appeals to all the democratic forces of the country to condemn the barbaric and undemocratic use of the state apparatus by the Government of Bengal to quell the genuine the people's right to express themselves by being part of a democratic movement.

Gen. Shakti Gurung​
Sh. Trilok Dewan
Prof. Mahendra Lama
Prof. Shravan Acharya
Sh. Joel Rai
Col. B S Chetri
Brig C S Thapa
Sh. Tamlal Lohar
Sh. C K Shrestha
Adv. Prabhakar Dewan
Sh. Sukman Moktan
Sh. Akash Lama
Sh. P. Arjun
Sh. Udai Kumai
Dr. Munish Tamang

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