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Namchi : West Bengal Police and thier CID team entered with guns in Sikkim illegally yesterday and killed one unarmed Gorkhaland supporter at Sadam in South Sikkim. The WB Police and CID went to Namchi Police Station superior attitude with big talks like nothing has happened. Namchi Police immediately needed a legal advisor on that serious situation in which WB Police had allegedly killed a person named Dawa Tshering from Pedong in Kalimpong without prior information to Sikkim Police.

Then this brave woman lawyer named Yangjee Pinhasa stepped in Namchi Police Station. She already knew that what Bengal Police had done is completely illegal. Bengal Police wanted to take some supporters of Gorkhaland including women to Bengal from Sikkim on transit remand.

Within no time, which was not available on the happening situation, she successfully got objection certificate against transit remand. Then on same day, she again went to court to get interim bail for those who were arrested.

In between, WB Police and thier CID successfully fled through Melli Check in the night after which murder case was registered against them. And then, she went to home late-night to study the case so that she could get bail for aresstees and objection certificate against transit remand by Bengal Police. She called her senior advocate of Sikkim High Court named Karma Bhutia and requested to come to Namchi from Gangtok today for parallel hearings.

She studied the case whole night yesterday. Without any good sleep, she again went to Namchi Police Station and Court in the early morning today for documentation. Then WB Police came to Namchi Court today to demand transit remand of arrestees. She had various heated arguments with Investigating Officer of Bengal in Namchi Courtroom today. She was provoked twice by IO but she didn't fear them during the high voltage argument.
And finally, she successfully had objection on transit remand and successfully got the bail for aresstees including women. The Investigating Officer of Bengal even challenged her to see her in Supreme Court.

This is story of Lawyer of Sikkim named Yangee Pinhasa. She was first one to break the news of Police Firing yesterday. Sikkim Messenger contacted her for more details. Despite she was very busy yesterday, she managed to reply Sikkim Messenger for more details.

If she gets opportunity to fight against Superintendent of Police of Kalimpong and his team who allegedly encountered a Pedong's youth in South Sikkim yesterday, she will not hesitate to drag them to Sikkim's Court or Supreme Court in which murder case has been registered against Superintendent of Police of Kalimpong and his team.

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