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IN COLD BLOOD: West Bengal Police Spills Blood in Sikkim's Soil, Kalimpong Boy Shot Dead

- The Voice of Sikkim

Today a young lad from Pedong, Kalimpong Dawa Tshering Bhutia was shot dead by WB police in Sadam, South Sikkim in cold blood.

According to Mr Pratap Pradhan SP South Sikkim, WB CID officials had entered Sikkim posing as tourists, later they arrested many GJM leaders/supporters and also shot dead Dawa Bhutia.

Once Sikkim police came to know, they intervened and prevented those 4 arrested from being taken to Bengal, as WB CID didn't have any official documents, they didn't have any arrest warrant, nor did they have any legal sanction to carry out the operations in Sikkim.

Later Sikkim police prevented two more youths from being taken into West Bengal, as the WB CID didn't have any of the above mentioned documents with them.

Sikkim police told WB police to get court order if they want to move the arrested people to WB.

In the meanwhile, Sikkim police have filed an FIR against those who had murdered Dawa Bhutia in cold blood. Local police sources have said that he was apparently shot from behind.

SP Pradhan said, "corroborating evidence indicates that the youth was shot by WB police officials."

While WB CID has claimed they entered Sikkim in pursuit of the suspects whose names feature in FIRs in WB, they did not have any documents to prove the same.

Also these CID officials had lied to Sikkim Border police that they were entering Sikkim to visit Ravangla, and hadn't revealed their original purpose. If they were indeed chasing fugitives, wouldn't they have informed their counterparts in Sikkim?

SP Pradhan also said that, "we do not have any official communication regarding such operations being conducted inside Sikkim by the West Bengal police."

Given that Sikkim is a sensitive border region, how can anyone with guns and arms enter Sikkim? What if those who entered are actually terrorists and not WB CID? Can CID officials from WB force their way into Sikkim, without informing the local government officials? What is the guarantee that all those arrested were arrested inside Sikkim? Could they have been smuggled into Sikkim to show Sikkim in bad light? Could it have been that Dawa was killed earlier and his body brought into Sikkim? If those arrested were criminals, why was there not a single court issued warrant to be found with the WB CID officials? Why was permission from Ministry of Home, Govt of Sikkim not sought by Bengal police? Can Bengal police run roughshod over Sikkim like this and kill anyone they choose to?

The incidents from today puts to question not only the territorial and political integrity of Sikkim, but also puts to question the national security risk that Sikkim faces from Bangladeshi terrorists, who can pose as WB CID officers and enter at their will and cause disturbances in the most peaceful state in India.

It is high time that the Govt of Sikkim and people of Sikkim spoke out against this blatant act of aggression by West Bengal government.

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