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The High Intensity Massive blast rocks Motor Stand in Old Super Market Area of Darjeeling

 Written By: Amitava Banerjee

Darjeeling : A high intensity blast rocked Darjeeling in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Though no loss of life or injury was reported many shops have been damaged in the blast. Speaking to Oneindia, Akhilesh Chaturvedi, Superintendent of Police, Darjeeling stated "There was a huge blast at around 12.15 am in front of the Old Super marke town in Darjeeling. Though there has been no loss of life or injury, most of the nearby shops have been damaged. Police are investigating to ascertain what caused the blast and who are behind the blast."

The blast occured in front of the Old Super Market next to the Singamari Motor Syndicate in the heart of the Darjeeling town. "We heard a huge explosion at around midnight. We were all very scared and could not sleep throughout the night. Because it happened in the dead of night no one was injured. Had it occured during the day there would have been many casualties. " stated a local resident who lives in the vicinity, requesting anonymity.

Such was the sound that it could be heard from different areas of the town. Holes were caused in the iron plate shutters of most of the shops owing to the blast believed to be caused by the splinters.From early in the morning crowds gathered at the site to have a look.

There is a small crater in the ground at the place where the blast took place. Glass panes of shops were shattered on both sides of the road at the site of the blast.

Incidentally an agitation for Gorkhaland is underway with an indefinite bandh being clamped in the Darjeeling and Kalimpong Hills since June 15. There have been widespread incidents of arson and vandalizing. However this is the first incident of a blast.

- OneIndia News Story
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