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"Swatantra Nepali" : A Leading Nepali language weekly Newspaper published from Dehradun in 1950s

Dehradun : "Swatantra Nepali" was a Nepali language weekly newspaper published from Dehradun, India. The newspaper covered political issues of Nepal, and voiced opposition against Rana rule in the country. The first issue of Swatantra Nepali was published on August 21, 1954. The newspaper was published by Thakur Chandan Singh (that had run different magazines in the past, but left publishing in 1933). Thakur Pratap Singh, former Home and Development Minister of Bikaner State and a member of the Bikaner royal family, contributed to the finances of the newspaper. The issues of Swatantra Nepali covered 8-12 pages each, and were sold at the price of one anna. It was printed at Yugabani Press. The last issue of Swatantra Nepali was published on August 30, 1955. Publication was discontinued due to lack of funds. All in all, 46 issues of the newspaper had been printed.

General Information

Swatantra Nepali Publisher :    Thakur Chandan Singh
Founded  :   August 21, 1954
Language :    Nepali language
Ceased publication :   August 30, 1955
Headquarters :    Dehradun

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