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Gorkhaland Martyrs are Waiting For Justice : EXCLUSIVE Ground Report from Darjeeling

- By Sun Subba

I was numb, when I spoke to Mrs. Vandana Rai W/o late brave Gorkhaland Martyr Shri Sunil Rai from Kaijaley, Bijanbari on phone. Sunil has left behind 13 months old son & wife to sacrifice his life for the cause of a separate statehood  Gorkhaland. She said "Yesterday my son was ailing from high fever and now he is feeling better". He was everything for us and was the only bread winner as daily wage worker for his family besides his family he used to look after his 02 nieces from his divorcee elder brother.  When I said Mr. Rajeev Sharma, a Delhi based Gorkhali entrepreneur has extended financial to you and I asked her do you have an account? She said till date I don't have any account and will open shortly. But the strike is going on in the hills and there is no sign of relief. Only I could utter few consoling words to acknowledge Sunil's sacrifice that has been remembered.

 Then, I spoke to Mrs. Maina Tamang Mother of late martyr Ashok Tamang, resident of Lewsi Jubliee, Ward No. 17, Darjeeling. Ashok was also the sole bread winner for his family. He was daily wage Municipal employee. He was a divorcee and used to live with aged mother, a daughter Riya Tamang a class 7 student of Nepali Girls H.S School, Darjeeling and a son Urgen Tamang class 5 student of Turnbull High School Darjeeling. His mother said that "our world is doomed, who will earn now. I can't do anything on my own. Who will pay the school fees of my grandson and granddaughter?" I can't speak much. The words I could utter was "Mother your son, our brother has sacrificed for us and he was a brave heart that will be written in golden words."    Finally, I said Mr. Rajeev Sharma from Delhi   has extended financial help.

 Thirdly, I spoke to Sapana Bhusal, w/o brave martyr Shri. Suraj Sundas. Actually he was Bhusal but mistakenly written as Sundas. A resident of Padam Busty, near Nakul Dara, below Tongsong School, Darjeeling. Suraj was a carpenter by profession who was a sole bread winner for the family too. He has left this world leaving behind his two sons and a widow Sapana Bhusal. Sapana is in urgent need of help as I came to know when I spoke to her. All I could do for her was to console her and leave message of help by Mr. Rajeev Sharma from Delhi.

 Fourthly, I rang to Mrs. Maina Tamang , w/o of Ashish Tamang, Mangarjung, Darjeeling who was also a carpenter by profession and a backbone for his family . Similarly, all family depended on his earning. His family consist of a son Depesh Tamang studying an 11th standard student and a daughter Deepa Tamang an 8th standard student. Mrs. Maina is in confusion and worried about the future of her family. I remained silent for a while and said to her, we are here to help you and will help in future. Your husband has sacrificed his life for a worthy cause of gorkhaland.

 Finally, I spoke to the mother of Sameer Gurung Ropeway, Singamari, near North Point School. Sameer was the only son in the family. Those lives we have lost in this ongoing agitation were not only loss to their families but a huge loss to our Gorkha Community as well. We say youth and students are the future pillars of community, society and Nation as whole. But will this little buds bloom in future as all they have lost all their support.
 My question is that will these lives lost get's justice? I believe these brave souls will rest in peace only when the dream of 30th state of Gorkhaland will become a reality.

 Finally, I appeal my gorkhey creed to come forward to help these aggrieved families.
(I Would like to Thank Mrs. Subarna Subba, from Darjeeling for her effort and support. I wouldn't have been able to  converse with these aggrieved families without her priceless help. PC Subarna Subba  JaI Gorkha, Jai Gorkhaland .

To be continued.......

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