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MP Ahluwalia ask CM Mamata to take immediate Action to ensure Peace in Darjeeling HILLS

- SS Ahluwalia

Last night, a young man was shot dead in Sonada by the State Police, and again this morning, a protest against this oppression in Darjeeling Chowk turned bloody when another young man was killed by the Police.

The past three weeks have seen the killing of 6 young people, all at the hands of the West Bengal Police.  It is shameful that the Gorkha people, who have proven their loyalty and love for Mother India again and again as defenders of the Nation, have now been forced to face the full strength of state sponsored oppression in their own home Darjeeling.

Su. Mamata Bannerjee is playing a blatant game of divisive politics, and using her position to stoke fire in the hills in order to destroy the one corner of her electorate she feels slipping out of her grip.  With Sec.144 imposed by the state, alongwith the state blockade in the NH which is being used to cut off food and essential supplies to the hills and even in vindictiveness to Sikkim,  had put the entire region on the brink of  collapse, with a shortage of food and rations forcing people to the streets, only to be shot down. This is a violation of the National Food Security Act, as well as violating the Fundamental and Human rights of the people of the region.

Darjeeling is burning again, and  I appeal to the people of the hills and the state government that a confrontational approach and oppression will not bring anything except loss of life and property. In the past, we have seen that only the tripartite (the people, the state and the center) efforts have brought peace and calm along with the scope for further developments.

I ask the CM Su.Mamata Bannerjee to take immediate corrective measures to ensure an environment conducive to peace is restored, by stopping all repressive measures of the state and administration, beginning with the order of a CBI enquiry into the killings on the 17th, the 7th and the 8th, withdrawal excess state police forces,  and ensuring that essential supplies and food rations are reaching the MR/PDS shops and the people, and by restoring Internet connectivity.

I ask her, the CM of the State,  to ensure that the above measures are taken, so that the people of Darjeeling may see peace and normalcy return to their lives. I also ask the leadership in the hill parties to work on reciprocal manner toward creating an atmosphere to allow a political dialogue towards the fulfillment of their rights and demands.

( SS Ahluwalia is Member of Parliament from Darjeeling)
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