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Around 1000 Gorkha community working in Israel praised Indian Prime Minister Modi on his Visit

Jacob Atkins
Tel Aviv : When the Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit in Israel Others wanted to use the occasion, and rare access to the media, to express their feelings about living in Israel.“We are very proud that we are in Israel,” said Dorjee Bhutia. “We feel like it is a home, it's a family, everyone is very polite, it's a very safe country for foreign workers. We are proud of the Israeli government.”

Dorjee, like Naren lungeli, hails from one of India’s numerous minority language communities, in this case the Gorkhas, Nepali speakers who mostly live in the northeastern state of West Bengal. Naren reckons there are around 1000 of his community working in Israel.Unlike most who articulated only steadfast support for the visiting leader of the world’s largest democracy, the Gorkhas came with love but also their demand for a separate state - Gorkhaland - in India.

Their decades-long demand has frequently been put down by local authorities in West Bengal, according to news reports, but Naren sees hope in Modi’s leadership. “He said, ‘the Gorkhas’ dream is my dream’” said Naren, quoting then-Prime Ministerial candidate Modi from 2014.Naren says Gorkhas want a better education system which allows them to learn in their local language, and says that it is their constitutional right to have a separate state.

For the community in Israel, it seems they plan to win their victory through the art of flattery. “More power to our dear PM Modi, from the peoples of Gorkhaland,” read some of their many printed A4 signs. Despite their grievance, like almost everyone else who came along, delight seemed to take over. 

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