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Wake Up Indian Media .. Domestic Use Items are portrayed as harmful weapons by Mamata in Darjeeling

Darjeeling : Mamata Banerjee's West bengal police force which was seized from the house of GJM leader Mr. Bimal Gurung.

List of dangerous weapons seized:

1. Sickle- used by the farmers for harvesting or reaping grain crops or cutting succulent forage chiefly for feeding livestock.

2. Saw-
an instrument used for cutting plywood and some small wooden materials for construction of furniture and other household materials.

3. Axe- an instrument used by the nepalies/ gorkhalies to chop down trees and make Fire wood for daily household purpose.

4. Hammer- tool used to drive nails fit parts and forge metal.

5. Bow/ Crossbow-  it is used as a  recreational purpose for the students who are involved in sports and games. And these things are provided by our administrative body as the students are not capable of buying such items.

6. Cracker- cracker are used to rejoice victories, and burning one is an integral part of Diwali.

7. Hoe- it's a gardening tool and also used for ploughing fields and loosening soil for harvesting.

8. Khukuri- khukuri is the pride of Gorkha ( and if you want one you can buy it from Amazon ) and it's used in many traditional rituals such as wedding ceremonies of Gorkha people. And you can find a khukuri in every doors of Gorkha people.

These are portrayed as deadly weapons by the mentally retarded #MamtaBanerjee in disguise of police men and CRPF's.

#DarjeelingUnrest #Gorkhaland #JaiGorkha #fightfortheright #shameonyouMamtaBanerjee #shameonyouWestBengalPolice #wakeupmedia #wakeupIndia.

Courtesy  : Priya Rai Bantawa
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