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Darjeeling : MP Ahluwalia condemn the THREATEN speech of TMC Leader Indranil Sen

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Darjeeling : Member of Parliament SS Ahluwalia condemn the speech of Indranil Sen, Minister of State Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Govt of West Bengal on 05/05/2017  at Motor Stand, Darjeeling.

In his speech , Indranil Sen, State, Minister of Information and culture  said that he has brought 32 steel trunks of 6ft length and ropes and it is the job of the public of Darjeeling to cast their  votes for TMC and GNLF and to pack Bimal Gurung, Roshan Giri and all GJM contesting municipal candidates and send them to another district.

His exact speech

मै दार्जीलिङ के लिए 32 ठो 6 फूट का स्टील का ट्रकं जो दोकान मे मिलता हौंला चुका हैं और रस्सी ला चुका हैं। तो इधर जो मेरा भाइयो और बहनों है इसके बाद काम आपका हैं इधर का चुनाव14 तारीख हैं, टी.एम.सी.क्यान्डिडेट और जीएनएलएफ क्यान्डिडेट को भोट देकर आप लोग जो 32 ट्रकं और रस्सी लाया हैं उस के अन्दर विमल गुरूङ, रोशन

गिरी उन लोगो के सब क्यान्डिडेट को प्याक कर इधर से नही, दार्जीलिङ से नही इस डिस्ट्रिक से प्याक कर दूसरा डिस्ट्रीक मे भेज दिजिए।

Ahluwalia Said that I wish to state that the public speech by Indranil Sen is incendiary, full of hatred and one that is designed to incite tension within the Gorkha community. By giving such a speech, Shri Sen had deliberately sought to adversely ignite passions within the Gorkha community so that there is polarisation within the Gorkha society and other communities living peacefully in Darjeeling and other regions.

The provocative speech has been given by Indranil Sen without any thought to the sacrifices made by the Gorkha community , and targets  a leader close to the heart of millions of Gorkhas around the country,   Bimal Gurung. His utterances are derogatory and as such they violate Section 153 B (b) of the Indian Penal Code.

By stating that he will pack both Shri Bimal Gurung and Shri Roshan Giri in steel boxes and tie them with rope, Shri Indranil Sen has also issued a veiled threat and criminally intimidated the two Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leaders. Necessary action may therefore be also taken against Shri Indranil Sen under relevant sections of IPC for issuing such threats.

By giving such a hate filled speech, Indranil Sen has also violated the Model Code of Conduct and its guidelines.

MP Ahluwalia appeal to the Election commission of India,State Election commission and Govt of West Bengal to take necessary actions.

Ahluwalia  also appeal to the Gorkha community not to give in to TMC's designs to disrupt these elections, and to maintain peace and calm  and give them a befitting reply by voting , fulfilling the dreams of Gorkhas under the leadership of Narendra Modi and Bimal Gurung

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