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Gorkha Community Earned Respect for its martial valour, Contributions to the Nation : Supreme Court

New Delhi : Some people laugh when they hear jokes, some become all the more reserved. People have various reactions. The Supreme Court cannot frame moral guidelines on how people should react to jokes. This is the point the Supreme Court made on a writ petition filed by a student of Amity Law School complained of how the Gorkha community is typecast with “a topi and khukhri” on the Internet. against how the Gorkha community is stereotyped and bullied in schools and colleges and Everywhere, made the butt of jokes on social media.

The Supreme Court said the Gorkha community earned its respect for its martial valour and contributions to the nation. Its history dated back to the invasion of Alexander the Great. “The whole of India respects them. You are actually bringing them down by filing such a petition,” Justice Misra observed. “If an individual comes to this court with a grievance, we will take it up. There are several religions... How can we issue guidelines for a particular community or religion,” Justice Misra asked.

“This court cannot lay down moral guidelines for citizens. People must have mutual restraint. The law is the same for all in this country,” a Bench of Justices Dipak Misra and R. Banumathi said. Ms. Choudhary pointed out that if the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes had a “vigorous law” to protect them from insult, why not the Gorkha community. “Yes, that is a law. Parliament made it. It is in the domain of the legislature. We cannot issue guidelines. And to whom do we issue guidelines,” Justice Misra asked.

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