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Gorkha Actress Rewati Chetri Starrer new Romantic Thriller Movie "Gangs Of North East"

Gangs Of North East is an Indian romantic Action thriller film directed by Rupak Gogoi under the banner of AM Television and TuneIn infotainment. The film star and Gorkha Model from Assam Rewati Chetri, and Fairypriya Ahmed, Vivek Bora, Udayan Duwara. in lead roles. Also acting in supporting roles are Albert Mawrie, Manimala das, Pradhan Deuri, chiranjeeb Dutta, Robindra Rajkumar, Emsalon Jana Nongbet, Anna Taying and Florence Handique.

Plot Synopsis
A story that spreads the fragrance of romance amidst young hearts, redefines the innocent, gullible teenage love in the backdrop of the most beautiful city of North East, Shillong (also known as the Scotland of India). Margaret , a girl in her teens is brought up in an environment of love and care, of her single mother Rosy. But inspite of having a life of comfort , she decides to be self sufficient and takes up tuition at Riki’s place a chocolate boy ,as a tutor to his sister. Riki her classmate belonging to a super rich family, is arrogant, spoilt but with a kind heart to help anybody in need. Her visit as a tutor to his home creates problem for Riki as his mischievous acts in college gets exposed to his parents through Margaret . But at the end of the day, this hate turns to love, as music plays cupid, and the young hearts fall for each other at a performance together in a Rock Concert. But reappearance of a man from Rosy’s hidden past , who happens to be Margaret supposedly dead father changes the balance of their happy life. Now its for her mother Rosy to decide whether to spill the beans and let the bitter truth come out or not.

- Rewati Chetri
- Vivek Bora
- Fairypriya Ahmed
- Udayan Duwara

Production and Development
Shot in visually arresting locations, the film is scripted by Avishka Phukan and directed by Rupak Gogoi. For every crew member, this film has been a privilege to be a part of throughout. Besides Udayan Duwara, the film features several artistes and technicians, young independent spirits, hailing from Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland, joining forces in what is likely to be the most exciting project of their lives.

The film’s music is scored by Zubeen Garg, Benjamin and Deepak Sarkar. The songs are being choreographed by Deepak Dey. The playback singing is being done by Zubeen Garg, Kabirruddin, Sapna Pathak, Anisha Lalu, Saint Dominic Kayer.

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