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86-year-old Gurkha from UK to try and become oldest man ever to climb Mount Everest

London/ Kathmandu : An 86-year-old former Gurkha is aiming to become the oldest person ever to conquer Mount Everest, but needs to raise £50,000 to do so. Min Bahadur Sherchan, from Aldershot (UK), previously held the record after climbing the mountain, in his native country Nepal, in 2008. He says he is determined to take the crown back for Nepal and the Brigade of Gurkhas.His fundraising campaign is being run in association with the Myagdeli Overseas Nepalese Association, which was formed to provide welfare for all Myagdeli people, from an area of Nepal at the foot of the Himalayas, whether in the UK or Nepal, to maintain the bonds between the Maygdeli in the UK and those in Nepal and to help people integrate into the British society while preserving Myagdeli culture, traditions and ethos.

The campaign must raise at least £50,000 for Mr Sherchan to complete the challenge, With MONA UK saying the appeal will be independently audited. Kamal Bahadur Purja, President of MONA UK, said: “Mona UK is happy to be associated with this project, because we are satisfied that it is not so much for personal ambition and pride as for the glory of Nepal, Myagdi and the Brigade of Gurkhas. “We believe all Myagdeli and indeed all Nepalis will share in the sense of immense accomplishment if our hero is successful. He is our hero, whether successful or not, for his bravery and determination in taking on this daunting endeavour.”

He added: “We all know or can easily imagine what a costly project it is to climb Mount Everest, far beyond the means of any one person and immensely beyond the means of an 86-year-old former Gurkha soldier. “MONA UK is therefore asking all Nepalis here in the UK and all non-Nepalese people of goodwill to contribute to this so worthy Appeal. In particular, we ask every other Nepalese and Gurkha organisation in the UK to organise a fund-raising project amongst your members, patrons and sponsors in order to help us reach the required target of at least £50,000.”

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