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Sanjog Chhetri : He was posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra in 2003

Sanjog Chhetri was an Indian paratrooper of the 9 PARA (Special Forces). On 22 April 2003, he led a team of 20 commandoes in carrying out operations in the terrorist location at Hill Kaka in Jammu and Kashmir. The commandos approached the terrorist hideout and drew heavy automatic fire. Sensing danger for his fellow commandoes, Sanjog assaulted the mountain hideout after crawling 100 yards and killed one terrorist. Despite the gunshot wounds he sustained and the profuse bleeding, Chhetri killed one more terrorist and offered an opportunity for his team to engage the remaining terrorists effectively. The commando team killed all the remaining terrorists. Chhetri later succumbed to his injuries. For his bravery, he was posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra, the highest peace time military decoration in India.

"The commandos, while approaching the terrorists' hideout, drew extremely heavy automatic fire. Sensing grave danger to his comrades Sanjog assaulted the cave, lobbing grenades and firing from the hip and killing one terrorist. In the intense fire he suffered gunshot wound to the right shoulder, but unmindful of his physical condition he pressed on with the assault and killed a second terrorist. He, however, fell at the entrance of the cave. The terrorists had inflicted multiple gunshot wounds to Sanjog," the army said in a statement."
But that was not the end.

"Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri, in one last act of supreme valour, drew his commando knife and charged into the hideout, killing one more terrorist in hand-to-hand combat before finally succumbing to his wounds."

Inspired by his supreme sacrifice, his comrades killed 13 terrorists that night and captured a Pakistan-trained terrorist.

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