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Smt. Mayadevi Chettri : First Gorkha Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) From Darjeeling

Ram Moktan
Darjeeling : On 13. 05. 1952. Mrs Mayadevi Chettri w/O Shri D.B.Chettri, Kurseong, District. Darjeeling was first Member of Parliament ( Rajya Sabha ) or Council of States from West Bengal in 1952. For the first time, she attended the Parliament on 13th May 1952. She had a very close relation with Nehru family and obviously with Madam Indira Gandhi. Interestingly on 12th April 1965 Mrs Gandhi wrote a letter to Mrs Chettri apologising her for her " SHARP REMARKS " on the tea table at Kurseong Railway Station on her way to Darjeeling. Mrs Chettri had visited Berlin,the Capital of Federal Republic of Germany with the delegation of W.V.F.Conference in 1957. Born on 21st March 1921, she died on 23rd December 1993 at Kurseong. Fortunately I had some opportunities just to see her at Kurseong as I was studying at St Alphonsus High School, Kurseong. So far I know she was very charming, very pretty and soft spoken lad . 

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