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Trishala Gurung & Sulaxchana Tamang makes it to the top of the world Mount Everest

Darjeeling : Two Gorkha's Daughters from Darjeeling, West Bengal makes it to the top of the world Mount Everest. Congratulation! Ms. Trishala Gurung, a second-year student of Southfield College Darjeeling, and Ms. Sulaxchana Tamang first-year student of Ghoom Degree College Darjeeling along with other team members from the NCC Girl Expedition to Mt. Everest who successfully reached the summit. These Darjeeling students have scaled the peak in the first all-girls NCC expedition to Mt Everest. The first ever all-girl National Cadet Corps (NCC) Mount Everest expedition was Led by Col Gaurav Karki, fifteen service personnel and ten girl cadets who from Nepal took a long trek to the base camp from where they scaled the peak of the Mount Everest.

- Indiangorkhas.in
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