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Racism Attack : Darjeeling Lads Brutally Beaten Up in Gurgaon

Gurgaon : In another case of blatant RACISM Mr. John Rana of Soureni in Mirik, and Mr. John Thapa of Sadar Bajar, JalpIguri, were brutally beaten by locals of Chakkarpur Gurgaon. According to John Rana, while they walking in Chakkarpur, a local threw dirty water on them, and when they protested the shopkeeper started abusing and throwing racial slurs at them, then all of a sudden one guy punched them and around 10 to 15 people joined in and beat them with sticks and rods Both the victims are terrified and have taken shelter with their friends at Shikenderpur, Gurgaon. We hope Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA and other organizations from North East will kindly take up this matter and see that justice is done at the earliest.

- Darjeeling Chronicle

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