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Thank you for saving my life: Injured Brit hero meets Gurkha who rescued him from Taliban bomb

A HERO maimed by a Taliban bomb has finally met the Gurkha who saved his life seven years ago. Dad-of-two Simon Vaughan, 31, enjoyed a pint with the medic after his family tracked him down and he told him: “I’ll always be grateful.” Ex-commando Simon was one of the most seriously wounded soldiers to survive the hell in Afghanistan. He was hurled 30ft when a roadside bomb tore in half the vehicle he was in. Cpl Hangdip Rai, 36, a medic in 2nd Battalion of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, was also in the vehicle. He rushed to the corporal and kept him alive until a helicopter arrived.
Simon, who was left with brain injuries and now uses a wheelchair, said as they were reunited in a Shropshire pub: “I don’t remember what happened after the explosion. “People told me that what he did was just incredible.” He gave him a framed dagger bearing the message: “Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for you.” Cpl Rai insisted: “I don’t feel like a hero. I just did my job.” 

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