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All India kirati Khambu Rai Association celebrated Sakela (Udhauli) Festival in Darjeeling

Darjeeling : KHAMBUS THE FORGOTTEN TRIBE OF MOTHER NATURE. “A festival of Resurgence revival and celebration of Rai Culture” The worshipper of Mother nature celebrated Sakela (Udhauli) the festival of prosperity, Wealth and happiness the main festival of Khambu Rai, on 27th Decembr 2015, Day Sunday, Location-School Ground, Mithei Dhara, Tendhare, Time 10:00am -5:00pm. Kiratism is the “The mystery of connection between Mankind, Nature and their Energies”. This connection runs the life and death cycle. About Khambu Rai The Khambus are the aboriginal tribe living in the Eastern Himalayan since ages. Our existence in the universe is for 1,60,000 years. First modern civilization began in Inner Mongolia about 40,000 years ago. According to the belief of Kiratism Samayoh in reverence to Universe and Mother nature was created by our Guru Yaboh 40,000 years old , then Bon 18,000 years old right after that Kirat Mudhum 10,000 years old followed by Vedic Period 5,000 years old, Hidusim 4,000 years old, Mayan Period 3800 years old, Judaism 3000 years old, Jainism 2900 years old, Buddhism 2500 yeas old, Christianity 2000 years old, Taoism 1700 years old then Islam 1400 years old. 

In the Present Time all the religions keep reforming itself. Ultimately they headed to the one that has existed to the eternally. The mystery of connection between Mankind, Nature and their Energies is the one practiced by our ancestor Yaboh. This is the complete cycle which will again reach to Samayoh “Zero”. According to the Kirati Mudhum the knowledge and the materials which was extracted from the Kirati Mudhum was taken over by Vedic Period and the made various rules and procedure of Legal system, Science, Economics and laws of nature which was used in modern civilization and will remain till the existence of the Universe. Later Hinduism followed Vedic Period therefore today in our day to day life we are practicing law of nature, legal system, science, economics which is created in 40,000 years ago. “The mystery of connection between Mankind, Nature and their Energies”. According to many historian Khambus originated from the place called the Kham in Tibet therefore the clan is called Khambus. It is also rightly said that Khambus are people who lives in the houses made of Red Soil. Khambus are the Warriors Cultivators and hunters. 

Stones plays important role in the life of Khambus be it in the use of land marking, war memorials, marking of victory, place to live and worship or Samkhalung, Suptulung representing ancestors (three stones sacred fireplace) Chula Dhunga in common language every khambu house must have which has interesting history and importance in itself. Samkhalung is made of three stones. The first stone is known "Sakalung” which is the symbol of the stone where the soul of Phengma resides, The second stone is known as "Deepalung" which is the symbol of the stone where the soul of Lekpa resides, the symbol of ancestors. The third stone is known as "Thakalung", where the soul of Nakchhong Susuli resides, and is considered to be the symbol of the protector deity of the ancestors and the descendants of Paruhang and Sumnima. Articles required for worshipping and offering at Samkhalung are: Chhenbi (one rupee coin), Arawa (dehusk rice), Wabuk containing water or fermented beer, Subi (sliced ginger), 'Tupla and Bedle (banana leaves), Wahibak - twigs of Kraus plant Bhakuna – brass lohota decorated with Salawa plats Khambus sometimes shows characteristics of primitive traits for eg. they can sustain with anything available in the jungle without food and water. Prefer to live in the forest and near water bodies. 

Khambu claims that they understands the language characteristics’ and foot prints of animals, birds and have strong smelling power while hunting. Khambus have outstanding knowledge about disease and its medication they collects medicinal herbs from the forest this trade was taught by the ancestor Guru Chapu the medicinal expert. Kiratis are fond of domesticating wild animals, bees, birds etc. Khambus are shy in nature and prefer isolation which is quite reasonable to know from that the majority of the Khambus lives in the forest mountain or isolated areas then in cities, towns or crowded areas. Khambus have distinct culture and tradition which is very clear from the methods of worshipping and practicing of Kirati Mudhum. The clan strongly believe that after death our departed soul lives in Sumkhulung with ancestors. Khambu Rais are the worshipper of mother nature/earth and offer prayers twice a year. those auspicious days are called Sakewa and Sakela. Sakewa is agricultural festival to worship the God, ancestors for good weather, good crop, good harvest which is celebrated in the month of June - July (Baishak Purnima) high season festival also called Ubhauli. 

Importance of Sakela
Second Important festival is Sakela Udhauli low season festival celebrated in the month of November- December (Mangsir Purnima) is called harvest festival where in the newly harvested food grains are offered to the samkhalung various forms of Sili dances will be perform to express the happiness. We are indigenous group of people who are the worshippers of mother nature. In the festival our ancestor deities, household divinities, clan divinities and nature divinities are worshipped. Also called the festival of thanks giving for good harvest to the ancestors deities and nature divinities. Process of Sili Dance –Mangpa (The Priest) along with sili mangpa and sili mangma gather in an open ground and perform various forms of sili dances specially “Chasum Sili” expressing paddy harvesting, husking, thrashing, cooking and eating the cooked rice, “Paklewa Sili” the activities of animals and birds expressing the nature, “Barowa Sili” Crane Karang Kurung the migratory Birds (bakula in nepali) indicating the season of Kharif Crops. Traditional musical instruments like Dhol, Jhayamta are played Nakchongs weaves Yak-Tail( Chamer) indicates various agricultural operations eg. Chasum Sili. Ultimately there are more then 50 varieties of sili dance to be perform in different occasion of the rich cultural of Khambu Rai. 

While celebrating the festival, we have kept special consideration i.e. we are only up to the promotion and revival of our forgotten culture/tradition and not to discriminate and create difference with our brothers of mainland Gorkhalis our any other community but to make them a part and witness the historic event. We are one of the clan who are inside the rich Gorkha community covering the 35% of the population in the hills and plains. Gorkha culture is rich and diverse within itself which includes the tribes like Lepcha, Lamangs, Limbu, Bhutias and rest of 11 castes (we all togetherly call ourselves Gorkha) which are very diverse from each other indicating the rich Gorkha cultural heritage who are inhabitants of North of west Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan since pre British Era. Therefore we are not only inviting to enjoy the event but encourage every community to promote and conserve their respective culture making rich and stagnant Gorkhalism (Cosmopolitan Culture). 

We believe that preserving culture and history of each community which will directly or indirectly benefits and safeguard Gorkha Community as a whole. All India Kirati Rai Association will not do anything which is against the nature and its people of mainland. We believe is working togetherly with Caste, Community and Country. Thousand of people graced the event and took the blessings of Mother Nature, The Earth (Dharti Mata), The Universe and our Gods and Gurus (Parungang, Sumnima, Yang-Yangani, Golma Raja Golma Rani, Dolma Raja Dolma Rai, Guru Yaboh, Guru Chapu, Maha Guru Samsuchu, Guru Chendem, Yalamber. 

Bandana Rai 
Vice President
All India Kirati Khambu Rai Association

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