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Banadana Rai
New Delhi : ARNOVA "Association for Research on Non Profit Oganisation and Voluntary Activities " Ngo based in Delhi working internationally against of human Trafficking, Racism and Gorkha community Upliftment organized Momo making skill development program for people belonging to Non Gorkha community. On Oct.10 in association with SOCH (NGO) at 170 Dutta Farm,metro pillar 29 Sultanpur,M.G.Road, N.D. We always get to hear comments like ooyee Momo, chowmin..! oyee kanxi! .. so our ladies have started to think that Momo selling work is our weakness. Therefore we thought of making our weakness as our strength and have started to teach how to make Momo and sell for livelihood in non Gourkha community people how they can earn their bread by selling this Momo and we also told them instead of insulting others culture food or trade thy must support them we too feel bad when we are treated like an alien or different from our beloved country. We belong to gorkali community and proud to be an Indian.There were around 100+ladies belonging to economically backward class from Delhi happily participated with us.

Madam Datta let out her farmhouse to do this noble work and also joined us in the event. Dr. Dharmendran Kumar from the Ministry of HRD (who will be helping us in many upcoming projects through his ministry) Anware Siddiqui Director of SOCH Ngo, madam Nazami Siddiqui Mr Om Prakash, Mr Akram journalist took part. Among ARNOVA team Florance moktan,Patricia Nicholas, Ruben Gurung, minu thapa were present to make the event successful and happening. Dr. king Gunu Gharti from Mizoram was the special guest to us...main aim .. directly supporting through skill development and motivation to be self sufficient and dependent on their own and indirectly spreading words Of Gorkhalism. Come one come all lets all work togetherly and leave a mark of Gorkhalism.

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