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Ruben Gurung a prominent Journalist was felicitated by Bagharathi Samman Purashaker

New Delhi : The function was organized by Bhagarathii Samajik Sanskriti Manch which is established 18 years ago,the organization works in the different areas like social, cultural, political, apolitical. They keep Annual Felicitation function every year to give the recognition to the outstanding people in the society who are working for the country selflessly. They choose the people from various fields like social work, media, medical, law, education, Art and Craft, music. So to say Social Political apolitical and various other industries. The organization is following this function religiously since the inception of the organization and has made it sure not to discriminate regional and political boundaries. 

The main founder of the organization are expert in their own ways. Among them our very own Gorkhali daju Raju Shanker is the Press minster and has big input to bring in our Gorkha people in this platform. He says “we too have our brothers and sisters who are working selflessly for the community and country therefore he strongly feels that our people and their work should also be recognized “and all through this 18 years of celebration he makes sure at least one gorkha person has to be roped in. So far many of our people has been introduced in this platform in the National Capital to name few of them are Henry V Kumar ,Uttam chettri etc. 

The event was graced by Shri. Jai Prakash Aggarwal (Ex MP) Former president of Delhi Pradesh Congress committee and a social worker as a chief guest. Some other distinguished guests were Dr. Anita Arya (Ex-MP, Ex-Mayor) Delhi NDMC, Sh. Saurav Bhardwaj (MLA) Ex-transport minister Delhi Govt, Sh. Lata Gupta (Municipal Councilor and chair person standing committee NDMC). Smt. Seema Tahira (Municipal Councilor and Chair person City Zone). Dr. R.B. Singh Elder Man, North Delhi Municipal Councilor and various other dignitaries. The Felicitation was given to Ruben Gurung along with seventy three more extraordinary people of different profiles and professions like Social workers, Doctors, Teachers, Journalists, theater Artist etc. Mr. Naresh Gupta the organizer of an event said: They are proud and blessed to have bravest of brave Gorlkhai people in their platform and looking forward for more extraordinary Gorkhalis to be associated. 

Mr. Ruben Gurung the founder of an NGO Arnova, which works against racism and human trafficking, is in the field of media since ages and has worked extensively in national electronic and print medias. He supported many political and apolitical parties in their initial stages in the National Capital through his media resources and capacity. He has at least an ounce of support to make awareness of Gorkhas in the National Capital. Apart from his work he is always boosting up youngsters, new comers in the field of writing and journalism. Till date he has bagged many awards and recognitions in different part of India, Bura and Nepal. He was working with Nepal 1 TV for many years and recently shifted to ABN TV the first gorkhali National and International Sattelite TV channel which is located in Siliguri as a Head of the Division. 

Many Gorkhali people were present in the Auditorium to support him.. Among them Mrs Patricia Nicholas (wife Ruben Gurung) Bandana Rai social activist and President of ARNOVA, Youdhishir Shah active social worker, Dwarika Shah, Anu Das, Uttam Kumar chettri, Ishu Chamling, Henry V Kumar, Teklal shreshtra, Anita chettri and many more. Non Gorkhali people present there found us in outstanding bonding love and cooperation. To hear Jai Gorkha !!! among non Gorkhali speaking people. We wish him all the very best in his life and expect same kind of work in the future.

- Banadana Rai

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