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Know More about New Airtel 4G Ad Gorkha Girl Sasha Chettri

This may be the first time when you are listening to this name – Sasha Chettri. But, there is quite a high popularity that you have seen her. Specially, if you are living in India and watch television, you might have seen this beautiful girl. Sasha Chettri is actually the main model of Airtel 4G advertisement. Did you remember the AIRTEL CHALLENGE advert? The lead role in that commercial is performed by none other than Sasha. Yes, the girl with short hair!

Who is Sasha Chettri
Unfortunately, there is very little information available in the public domain about Sasha. I couldn’t find any trustworthy source which can say about her background and family details. Her relationship status is also not known. Her social media profiles, particularly Facebook and Twitter, are also silent about her personal life. But, that didn’t deter people from searching about her. One thing is quite certain that she is from North Eastern Part of India. Her Twitter profile says about links to Nagaland, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and New York. According to one post, she belongs to a family of army personnel and hence has traveled throughout India.

Hot Model
There is no denying that Sasha is making waves throughout India. Her popularity is definitely increasing day by day ever since the first series of the Airtel 4G advertisement was launched. Seeing her popularity, Airtel has also decided to keep her in future. You can see her also new series of the advertisements of 4G. It must be mentioned here that the other girl (with long and curly hair) in the first advertisement was no less cute and beautiful. However, it was Sasha who stole all the limelight and hence Airtel retained her.

Biography and Ad News
She is basically from Dehradun and Spent some years in Bhopal and has studied from All Saints’ Academy. She is only 19 years old. Stuti was dreaming of becoming a model since her school days and has sent her profile to many modeling agencies. She got a call from Taproot Dentsu for audition for this advertisement. She got selected, and as we know, has become a national sensation in such a short amount of time. When this advertisement was released, many people thought her to be Akshara Hassan. That is not true. Director of this advertisement Ram Madhvani has said that he was looking for two fresh faces whom people have never seen(interestingly, he found a Sindhi girl!). The other girl is also quite cute. There is no information about that girl, though.

Name- Sasha Chettri
Twitter username-RickshaRani
Age- 19 years
Location- Dehradun/Bhopal/Mumbai
Twitter- https://twitter.com/RickshaRani
Nationality- Indian

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