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KKRSS Bengaluru was formed, Free Treatment For Cancer Patients

Bengaluru : Among all the South Indian cities of India, Bengaluru has the largest population of Khambu people. A meeting was held between the Central Committee members of Kirati Khambu Rai Sanskritik Sansthan, Darjeeling and the Khambu residents of Bengaluru on the 12th of September, 2015. At the end of the meeting, a unit (sakha) of KKRSS Bengaluru was formed. Presiding over the meeting, the General Secretary of KKRSS, Mrs. Binita Khambu Rai spoke about the role of the newly formed sakha to be able to unify the Khambus living in South India and to assist one another to preserve the culture and traditions of the Khambu Rai people. Bengaluru is the IT hub of India. A large portion of people from Darjeeling pour in to the city for studies and work. This Sakha will help them with interviews as well as admission in colleges or universities. There were two deaths of Khambu children in Darjeeling due to cancer, who could not afford advanced medical treatment. 

For people who are below poverty line, arrangement has now been made by Mrs. Binita Khambu Rai in collaboration with doctors and oncologists, to get them free Cancer treatment in Bangalore and other assistance. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Khambus from Bengaluru and Mysore, Shri Ramesh Sampang Rai, Shri Umesh Rai, Shri Rupesh Bantawa, Shri Binod Rai, Shri Ramesh Kumar Rai (Tenchipa) and Shri Pradip Khambu Rai . While explaining the need to form a unit in Bangalore, Binita Khambu Rai pressed on the need to garner support from Khambu Rais from all over India and unite for a common cause. Shri Ramesh Rai stressed on the importance of building a team based of experienced older generation along with enthusiastic youth. Mr. Rupesh Bantawa gave an insight on the need to quantify the process of developing the Kirati script. 

While the primary importance of forming a Sakha in Bangalore is to unify the Khambu Rai people from all walks of life and to bring them together on a common platform, the Sakha will also work on helping the Khambu Rai people who go to Bangalore for education or jobs. Steps will also be taken to standardize the Kirati script with the help of language research assistant based in Mysore. Shri Ramesh Rai (Tenchipa) was unanimously elected as the Convenor and a review meeting has been scheduled for a given date in the future. 

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