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The Kirati Mangkhim of Mirik was robbed Wednesday night

Mirik : The Kirati Mangkhim of Mirik was robbed last night. The late night burglary has rendered some destruction upon the property itself. The burglars broke in through the door and stole the donation box among other things. The Mangkhim was established in 1990 and was one of its kind in the entire Darjeeling district. Its premises also hold the first Yalambar statue in India. While the assailants are still at large, the police have been informed but we require a swift response by the administration regarding this matter. This has hurt the sentiments of the Khambu community of Darjeeling and we hope that the people who committed this crime be brought to justice. Mangkhims hold great importance to the Kirati people. Their faith and their way of life is attached to this temple that is considered to be the source of all ancestral blessings. It is a heinous crime to rob it and such audacity must never go unpunished.

Photo courtesy Mirik Ko Sero Fero

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