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#Gorkhaland fails on Twitter, but ignites brotherhood says Darjeeling Chronicle

DARJEELING :  #Gorkhaland may have failed to trend on Twitter, but it has ignited a feeling of camaraderie among the Gorkha community of Darjeeling and surrounding areas, says the popular local online media, Darjeeling Chronicle. A day after senior BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swamy said in public that (the) “formation of Gorkhaland is mandatory, and it will happen in due course of time” - Darjeeling Chronicle, popularly known as DC, took ‘Gorkhaland’ to the popular mini-blog site ‘Twitter’ with the aim to make the statehood demand a trend worldwide. “Our objective in trying to trend #Gorkhaland was to get India start talking about our issue. It did not matter to us if we generated negative criticism. It did not matter if people wrote goods things about Gorkhaland or made bad comments; what mattered was that India needs to start talking about Gorkhaland,” said a DC employee. T

he person further said, “We cannot penetrate traditional news sources that are controlled by large corporations and who are close to ruling parties, but we can very well inform the rest of India about our cause using Twitter and Facebook. If the BJP and AAP can change the public’s perception about them online, why can’t we do so for Gorkhaland?” DC’s launched its initiative on April 14 with support from various online platforms such as Talk Sikkim, The Voice of Sikkim, Indian Gorkhas, Glorified Gorkhas, All Assam Gorkha Students Union and. An analysis of #Gorkhaland shows the topic peaking about 1:30 pm IST on April 15, garnering nearly 600 tweets. Another 400 tweets were required for the topic to trend globally. 


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