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Wayne Rooney tells Di Maria to hire GURKHA to guard his house

London : Di Maria's Cheshire property was broken into by armed thugs earlier this month, while he was eating dinner with his family. The United star has been living at a Manchester hotel since the incident with wife Jorgelina and one-year-old daughter Mia. And according to The Sun, Rooney has advised Di Maria to employ a Nepalese warrior to guard his mansion. Rooney and former United team-mate Wes Brown hired a Gurkha in 2010 to patrol the grounds of their homes following a string of burglaries. A source said: "Angel's wife Jorgelina has been left terrified by the attack and won't go back to the rented house in Cheshire. "Wayne has suggested a Gurkha like the one who protects his and Wes Brown's places. Their guy has had a decorated career in the Army and no one dares go anywhere near the houses." Gurkhas hail from Nepal and are renowned as fercious fighters, having fought for the British since 1857. 

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