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Indian doctors provide training to 150 Nepal medicos in Nepal

KATHMANDU : A team of three Indian doctors led by a top cardiologist today provided training to 150 Nepalese physicians to help them provide the best medical treatment to heart patients at an affordable cost here. The team led by cardiologist Subhas Chandra, chairman of BLK Hospital, New Delhi, provided a day-long training to doctors from 20 hospitals across Nepal. Although Nepalese doctors are very good in providing Angioplasty treatment to the cardiovascular patients, they are not properly trained in performing cardiac surgery, pointed out, Chandra said. The doctors have been provided skill and expertise on how to recognise cardiac problems at the early stage so that low cost treatment such as providing thrombolysis can save their lives, he said.

Speaking on the occasion former president of Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) Upendra Mahato said that Nepal with its excellent climate and natural beauty can be developed as a destination for medical tourism. Meanwhile, B R Shetty, Indian-origin chief executive officer of NMC Healthcare, an Abu Dhabi-based hospital group, has reached two separate agreements with Nepal's Medicity Hospital and Grande International Hospital, where the heart patients will be treated in Kathmandu. Both of these hospitals located in Kathmandu are being developed as super speciality hospitals with state of the art facilities for providing world class heart treatment, cancer treatment and kidney transplantation services. In Nepal every year at least 20,000 people die of heart related diseases, according to experts. Angioplasty to cardiovascular patients costs at least Rs 3 lakh, an amount which is beyond the reach of many ordinary Nepalese.

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