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Exclusive Interview with Rewati Chhetri : Miss India Finalist 2015

-- Interview by Nanda Kumar Kirati
Q- Your feelings on being top 21 Miss India 2015 finalist ?
- I feel great. It has always been a dream to b. ecome Miss India and now I am on the initial steps of it so indeed I feel great and O have no words to express it.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 2 weeks ?
- In two weeks time would be Miss India finals and I am so focussed on seeing me with the crown. I wanna make my family, friends and well wishers extremely proud.

Q- How has been this journey ?
- Incredible! We learn so much in so little time. The Miss India Organization gives us an extensive amount of training that is gradually changing our lives to a far better person than what we were.

Q- Whom do you idolise in modelling ?
- Well! I don't actually idolize an individual person when it comes to modelling. There are so many extremely talented models in India and overseas. I always try to idolize the good in all of them so that it'll be of immense help to my career.

Q- How do you define modelling as career option ?
- With India's large fashion industry there are enough and more opportunities for "right" men and women to be models. It is not as easy as it looks and requires a large amount of sacrifice and commit

Q- If not a model what you  would be
- Well I am currently pursuing my studies in Law so of course I will become a lawyer in future but I shall not give up on modelling too. As long as my age and looks permit I shall go on with it.

Q- Your inspiration in life ?
 - Definitely my mother. She has not just taught me but lived by example the kind of life every mother expects her child to live. It is from her I learn how to become a woman of substance.

Q- What do you aspire ?
- Aspirations are many. I definitely want to become Miss India and bring an International crown to my country. Apart from that I want to finish my studies in law and become a lawyer who is of great use to the society. I also wanna establish an organisation which focuses on educating and developing the skills of the underprivileged and become a woman of inspiration.

Q- Briefly about your stint with Miss India so far ?
- So far it has been a few days of constant learning. We learn so much. Everyday we have so many sessions that help us develop and become a better person. We workout hard, learn on diction and etiquettes and many more. It has been a completely learning experience so far and the best part os being trained by the experts in town.

Q- How did Miss India happen to you ?
- Honestly speaking it all started sudden.I had a long cherished dream but I got wings to it only after the Auditions.To say it was a very humble and a Surprise Kick to my Dream.

Q- Back home we gearing up to support you, how has been the response to your achievement from your region ?
- The response has been incredible.Its overwhelming to see them supporting me so much.I see many of them dreaming for my success maybe sometimes more than I do for myself which has by far been a great strength to me.

Q- What do you want to say to the people of the region ?
- I want to say that I am doing more than the best I can to make all of you proud and happy and I will continue to do it. No matter how hectic our schedules become when I log into Facebook and notice the support of my people and hear about it from my friends it keeps me going. I really will not let you all down.

Q- How can the people support you n get closer to Miss India crown???
- Definitely with their blessings, love and words of encouragement. That definitely keeps me going and makes me want to do better.

Home City: Guwahati
School: St.Agnes Convent High School
College: NEF law college
Profession: Student
Interests: Belly dancing
Favourite quote:
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing"
What gives you a high?
Bringing smile to a face
One law you would like to break...
Law which says that a criminal below 18 years is a juvenile and cannot be punished.
Best pick-up line you have ever heard...
If I were a stop light I'd turn red every time you passed by just so I could stare at you a bit longer.
Rate in order of priority the three qualities that every woman must possess!
Intelligence, passion and patience.
One achievement that will make you feel your life was a huge success...
Winning the title Miss India so that I can make my state Assam feel proud.
The last movie that made you cry...
Taare Zameen Par
Rate in order of personal preference, the three qualities that you admire in a man...
Trustworthy, loving, dedicated
What is the craziest rumour you have heard about yourself...
With which celebrity would you like to go on a vacation?
Atif Aslam
If you were to give one bit of advice to the youth today, what would be that?
Life is to chill agreed! But not in the influence of alcohol and drugs. It's high time we wake up and realize only.
when you are in senses you can make things sensible.
Your body to you means...
My body to me is something special as I feel the Almighty has spent a few extra minutes in making me.  
However the heart which beats every second to see a better world and a better tomorrow is what I adore the most.
Favourite actor
Aamir khan
Favourite movie
Taare Zameen Par
Love is...
A feeling and emotion of togetherness between two people.


Credits : Nanda Kumar Kirati ( Assam) 

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