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Birdman Gautam Sapkota who can mimic voice of 251 different birds

Gautam prasad Sapkota with Surya Bikram Shahi
Dehradun : Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha Dehradun today witness the unique show by Birdman Nepal Gautam prasad Sapkota who can mimic voice of 251different birds. He is Guiness Book of world records 2008, Limca book of world records in 2008, Wonder world records, Everest world records holder . Born in Mohakawanpur Nepal Gautam was fecinated towards nature and would spend day n night listening to birds .From 2005 he went into deep understanding n research with birds and now 2015 he claims that he can recite 251 birds voice and can even call n talk with birds . Gautam is promoting 'Save birds, save Environment ' and has toured 75 districts of Nepal .He went to foreign countries like Singapore for it. In 2014 he started his India tour and in 11 months has toured Chellong, Calcutta , Punjab , Haryana , Jammu , Delhi, Mumbai ,Gujarat and now is in Uttarakhand state capital Dehradun than he will going to Himachal Pradesh . He is in Dehradun for few days staying at Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha, Garhi cantt .If you want to meet call him at 07710913233 for any help n support towards "Save birds save Environment" .

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