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Thousands mourn at GNLF Supremo Subhas Ghising’s funeral

MANJU(MIRIK): “He wished to spare his last moments in his native house, he was strong and confident of his survival and do something positive for his society and community but all went in vain we could only see his body,” lamented Subhas Ghising’s childhood friend Ran Bahadur Rakhali on Sunday. Ghising’s body was brought during the day to his native house where he made a last visit in 2004 when he had came to inaugurate a community house in Soureni. Since 1953 Ghising never stayed a single night at his house said his relatives and friends of Manju. Ran Bahadur Rakhali (91) recalled that he met Ghising some 20 years ago. He said, “I am sad that I am meeting my dead friend after 20 years.” Haleshi Rai (81), another childhood friend of Ghising, informed that Ghising had urged to spare his old age life in his native house during his visit in 2004. 

He said that there were various books written by Ghising and whenever he came here he used to ask his relatives to keep them safely. The wooden house was later made into two storied concrete building in 2001informed Bishnumamya Tamang, relative of Ghising. She said: “The house is empty now no one lives here since Ghising’s sons and daughter stay in Darjeeling. Now, Ghising’s nephew Raju Aley Mangar is a caretaker of the house.” Ghising’s body was brought at his native house just for 15 minutes and at 5:30 pm his funeral was done at Manju Park. Thousands of people who escorted the vehicle carrying the body from Darjeeling were shoutting slogans like: “Gorkhako Chatima Ghisingh Mareko Chaina, Mardaina, Subas Ghising Amar Rahun.” Ashram Rai, Ghishin’s ‘Mit Bhai’ said that according to Buddhist rituals a body could not be taken in two houses so his body was not kept at his native house after being brought from his house in Darjeeling.
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