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Gorkha Brigade – The Oldest and the Fiercest Defenders of India

New Delhi : Gen Dalbir Singh, Chief of the Army Staff, along with the President of the Gorkha Brigade and Colonel of the Regiment, 5 Gorkha Rifles paid homage to the Gorkha brave-hearts who have laid down their lives in defense of our motherland. The Army Chief, who also hails from the Gorkha Regiment, laid a wreath at the memorial and offered his salute in memory of the departed soldiers. Recruitment of Gorkhas, first into the East India Company and later into British Army, began during the 1814-16 war when impressed with their bravery the East India Company started enlisting them. In 1815 the first Gorkha regiment, Nausiri Battalion, was formed. (ANI) Later Gen Dalbir Singh, also presented trophies to the Colonel of the Regiments and Training Centre Commandants of the winning Gorkha Regimental teams. 

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