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Nepal’s first-ever online news portal 'Nepalnews' shuts down

KATHMANDU : Nepal’s first-ever online news portal, Nepalnews, on Monday announced of closing shop via a tweet. Ever since its inception some 14 years ago, Nepalnews helped the Nepalese community across the globe to remain connected with their homeland. Nepalnews chairman Sanjib Raj Bhandari tweeted, “Nepalnews announces with a heavy heart that due to the management’s rash, unfair decisions, Nepal’s oldest news portal has been closed down. We’ll be focusing our energy on other core activities in the technology business.” ‘Nepalnews’ was launched in 2000 with an aim of publishing news and events from Nepal. The website not only shared news, it also emerged as a platform through which users could access multimedia content, chat rooms, galleries and a forum. 

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