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Uttam Kumar Chhetri : Indian Gorkha Poet of Nepali literature

Shri Uttam Kumar Chhetri was born in a middle class family of Late Shri J.B. Chhetri and Late Smt. Shyam Kumari Chhetri on 27 July 1957 at Mullootar tea estate Darjeeling. His passion and zeal towards Nepali language, literature and culture right from the heydays of his childhood has acted as a beacon for his in-depth knowledge regarding the same. He is one of the pillars for getting recognition of Nepali as National Language in Eight Schedule of Constitution of India. 

His love towards Nepali language is so immense that he wrote several poems published on a number of Nepali literature, magazines including ‘ Haami’ published at Haami magazine (1997), ‘Bhir ko chindo’ published at souvenir named Athot of Nepali Sammelen(2009) and ‘Veer Gorkha’ recited at Maulana Azad medical college on the occasion of Balidan Diwas, 2008. Shri Uttam Kumar Chhetri has immensely contributed towards the social cause of the Nepali speaking people in India right from the beginning of his career in Indian Red Cross Blood Bank, Delhi. His yeoman’s service towards the society at large and Gorkhas in particular is a saga of never ending journey, being a pride possessor – almost 40 years of experience and excellence in voluntary social work in Delhi. He received several awards, recognition and momentous for his outstanding contribution towards mankind.

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