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'Tito Satya' TV Show prevented from broadcasting for allegedly satirizing Indian PM Modi

Kathmandu : Nepal Television (NTV) has prevented the 576th episode of popular Nepali comedy teleserial "Tito Satya" from broadcasting for allegedly satirizing India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Thursday, NTV re-broadcasted the episode which was aired on previous Thursday. The censor board department of NTV is known to censor even the slightest material produced by the private sector that might draw aspects of government or the neighbouring country into dispute. The strict censor regulation of NTV highly contradicts with freedom of expression. Deepak Giri, the producer and director of "Tito Satya", had similar experience about a decade ago. He was compelled to leave his job at the government media Radio Nepal after satirizing 205 House of Representatives in a program to mark Radio Nepal's anniversary. Giri strongly protested the censor department's decision through his facebook page.

- setopati

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