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Nepathya : The Best Nepalese music Band of All Time

Nepathya is a Nepalese music band that was formed in early 90s by three students from Pokhara while studying in Kathmandu. Nepathya is best known for blending folk melodies with modern western-influenced rock music. Nepathya has enjoyed commercial and critical success alike. Nepathya is most famous for contemporary tunes that have strong ties with indigenous music and songs sung using regional dialects from rural Nepal.

Amrit Gurung
The moving force behind this band is Amrit Gurung who wears Gandhian frames (supposed to have been presented to him from one of his aunts who was a staunch follower of M.K. Gandhi) and sings about peace and harmony. He is the only currently active founding member of the band. His songs encompass all of Nepal and is not limited to Kathmandu Valley. By hobby he is a photographer and a traveler. He has been to more than 70 out of 75 districts of Nepal, most of them on foot. Nepathya has seen many changes in its band's line up. But the founder and the brain behind Nepathya is unfazed. "Being in Nepathya is like being part of a serious journey. Anyone who deviates from team spirit and artistic commitment, find it hard to stay with the team", Gurung says. They have toured the UK, the USA, Australia, Israel, Germany, Finland, among others for their live performance. They have performed in the United States in Summer 2012 and they have become the First Nepali Band/Artist to have performed in Wembley Arena, U.K on 3 August 2013.

Nepathya live at Wembley Arena 
Nepathya became the first Nepalese band to perform at Wembley Arena UK on August 3, 2013. The concert was jointly presented by Parcha Productions(Nawal Rai & Samir Gurung) and Subsonic Routes. Nepathya was successful to charm 8000 strong Wembley Crowd (mostly Nepalese living in UK and Europe). The concert was a huge success. It was the very first time that a Nepali band made its way to Wembley and the box office success was overwhelming. Nepathya’s Wembley Arena concert is so far the largest ever performance from a Nepali Band.

Albums Altogether, Nepathya has released 9 albums.

Nepathya – 1991 ( featuring Barashat ko mausom )
Himal chuchure – 1993 (featuring Chekyo chekyo, Eouta chitthi)
Min pachas ma – 1995 (featuring Jomsome bazar ma, Chari Mario shisai ko goli le)
Shringar – 1997 (featuring Saruma rani, Yarling, Yatra)
Resham – 2001 (featuring Resham, Yo Zindagani)
Bhedako oon Jasto – 2003 (featuring – Bheda ko Oon…, Sa…, Taalko Pani)
Ghatana (Incidents of Nepal) – 2005 (featuring – Ghatana)
Mero Desh – My Country – 2010 (featuring – Rato Ra Chandra Surya, Kasaile Sodhe, Aama)
Aina Jhyal – 2010 (featuring – Siranma Photo Cha, Jogale Huncha Bhet, Salaijyo)

Style and lyrical themes 
The band started as a folk pop band. The genre changed to contemporary rock and folk rock. They were able to use this fusion music to captivate wider listeners from different age groups and cultures. The lyrics usually depicted about the love and nature in previous album. The album Ghatana released during the civil war period contain songs that tell the general need for peace in the country and sentiment of the people, as well as, incite patriotism among the listeners.

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