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From Darjeeling Musical ode ‘Toy Train’ releases on youtube

Darjeeling : 'Toy Train’ a musical ode to the world heritage of Darjeeling is released on youtube. The 4 minute music video is sung by Darjeeling local Namkha Yeshey Norsang, more commonly known as Namkha who speaks about the journey of life through the metaphorical toy train ride. “The train journey denotes all the joys and sorrows we see and experience along the way. However, the beauty of music is that the song is whatever the listener wants it to be. I also wanted to glorify our world famous toy train through the video”, says the 21-year-old singer. Born to Chhewang and Doma Norsang, Namkha Yeshey Norsang grew up in Darjeeling and attended school at St. Joseph's School, North Point. The young lad is not just a talented artist, but also a philanthropist. 

He has donated all the proceedings from this song “Toy Train” to Darjeeling’s premier Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Right’s NGO – Mankind in Action for Rural Growth (MARG). He also requests the listeners to support the NGO saying “please purchase the song and join hands in helping MARG to help our children.” When asked about the idea of the song, Namkha said, “I was missing Darjeeling, the beautiful place that shaped my childhood and held my fondest memories. Suddenly, I was reminded of a tune that my grandfather used to sing me to sleep when i was a little boy. It was the nursery rhyme, ‘Darjeeling ko syano rail’. Flooded with emotion, i began to compose the song that stands before you today as "Toy Train", is in memory of my late grandfather.” “I am thankful to Atul Chettri and Samuel Rai, who are responsible for filming and producing the music video. I couldn’t have done it without them” he lastly added. Currently, the singer is pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A.

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