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COPYCAT Bollywood : Aamir Khan's Film PK poster is not that original

After bouquets and brickbats, Aamir Khan may face plagiarism allegation for his dare-bare act. After all, PK poster is not that original. PK's poster bears striking resemblance to the cover art for Portuguese musician Quim Barreiros' 1973 single, Recebi um Convite (a casa da Joquina). What's more, we hear that the film too is reportedly inspired by Australian flick Alien Visitor (1995). Starring Ullie Birve and Syd Brisbane, the film is about a female alien sent from the planet Epsilon to Earth by mistake. Dropped naked the alien meets a surveyor who gives her clothes. Their interactions over human vs alien debate gradually turn in to love. Aamir's PK act ( reportedly, Aamir in the buff is his introduction scene in the film ) also reminds us of Arnold Schwarzenegger's introduction scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Now, how similar is PK to Alien Visitor but as far as we know Rajkumar Hirani, the director is known for his originality. What do you think?

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