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United Kingdom's Only Gurkha Honour to be based in Nuneaton

London : NUNEATON and Bedworth could soon play home to a unique tribute to a band of brave men who have made the borough their home. It is being proposed that a special stone be placed in Riversley Park in Nuneaton to honour the milestone moment when Gurkha men from the mountains of Nepal first decided to give their lives for King and country back on April 26 in 1815. The Nuneaton and Bedworth branch of the British Gurkha Veterans' Association want to place the 8ft tall, granite memorial at the spot where the Boer War memorial used to be located, to the left of Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, to mark the 200th anniversary since the Gurkha's joined the British Armed Forces. Branch members will ask Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council's cabinet to agree the location of the memorial at a meeting tonight. In a report to the cabinet, it explains that the memorial would put the borough on the nationwide map.

"There are a series of celebrations being planned to commemorate the 200th anniversary including the honour of Gurkha Regiments mounting the guard at Buckingham Palace and several events at the Gurkha statue in London," the report states. "As far as the Nuneaton and Bedworth branch of the British Gurkha Veterans' Association knows there are no other memorials of this type being planned for the anniversary. It will be unique to the borough. "The event has the makings of a very positive high-profile event. There is no cost to the council. It will provide a community focal point for the Nepalese community which will increase usage of Riversley Park and through its uniqueness attract visitors into the borough." 

 Playing home to the memorial is an honour that the borough would be proud to boast as it has a special affiliation with the Gurkha community. The Queens Gurkha Signals moved to Bramcote Barracks on the outskirts of Nuneaton and Bedworth in 1992. Bramcote were the first barracks where the wives and children of Gurkhas were allowed to live in married quarters and many of them have now made the borough their home. The Queen's Gurkha Signals also hold a special place in the annals of Nuneaton and Bedworth because, back in 2010, they were awarded Freedom of Entry, the highest honour the borough can bestow.

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