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AAGSU submited a memorandum for Gorkha Autonomous Council

- Nanda Kumar Kirati  
Guwahati : All Assam Gorkha Students'  Union (AAGSU) submited a memorandum reinforcing the decade long demand of Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC) plains for the Gorkhas of Assam for indigenous Identity,  constitutional security and all round development of the community and with the preview of the Indian Constitution along with 8 other general demands placed are ST to Khambu, Limbu, Shrepa, Tamang, Magar, Gurung and SC to sarki, biswakarma, gainey, sonar, lohar, bhujel etc. And include all other Gorkhas community in OBC central list. Special status in defense establishment , constitutional provisions in the Legislative assembly for nomination of Gorkha community members on population patern to the upper house in Assam when formed, bhai tika or bhai dhuj be declared as national holiday etc.  Assam has a Gorkha population of 30 lakhs approximate and settlement even before 1814  Anglo Gorkha War and Sugauly Sandhi 1815-16.

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