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JAP-1: Elite force in Jharkhand which is only of Indian Gorkhas

JHARKHAND ARMED POLICE-1  is the most elite force in Jharkhand which is only of Indian Gorkha’s. Its inception can be trace back to 1880 A.D. by the British during Victorian Age to restore justice, peace and harmony. I won’t be wrong to mention here Jharkhand Armed Police-1 as OLDEST PARA MILITARY FORCE OF INDIA. Though, it names keep on changing with the advent of time. Today it has more than 14 companies rendering service in Naxalite prone remote areas , escorting VVIPS and VIP’s of the state. Where our numerous jawans have laid their lives in this soil while rendering duties.This Battalion has received accolade of being best and elite battalion not only in the state (Jharkhand) but also in India. Besides Pipe Band has won gold medal in the All India Police Band Competition.

This battalion was formed in January' 1880 in the name of "New Reserve Police Force" in the prime year of British Empire in Victoria Age. In year 1892 it was named "Bengal Military Police" and its platoons were deputed in the then Bengal Province which included Bihar and Orissa. British administrators used this force in dealing with matters relating with enforcement of justice, peace and law and order in difficult times. British administrators reposed complete faith in loyalty of this force. Jawans of this battalion discharged their duties with full devotion and to the best of their abilities even in difficult situations. In the year 1905 this battalion was named “Gorkha Military Police” and was popularly known as G.M.P. Gorkha Jawans deployed in other part of the state were also absorbed in this battalion. It was then patterned after the infantry division of Army. When India attained freedom in 1948, this battalion was renamed “Bihar Military Police”. After the formation of Jharkhand State, the BMP-1 Battalion came to be known as Jharkhand Armed Police-1 Battalion.



  1. 03 Clamor Mines was recovered on 04/10/2010 by the 1-4-16 force of "C" Company during the operation against the extremist in the forest of Ragoi Gram under Bundu P.S., Distt. Ranchi. 
  2. Total 534 High Explosive boosters, manufactured by Group Corporation Rourkela India each 125 gm were recovered on 05/10/2010 by the 1-4-20 force of "C" Company in the forest of Berdha Gram under Bundu P.S., Ranchi.
  3. Dhananjay Pradhan, a veteran criminal wanted in so many Police Station of Jharkhand state was arrested from Siliguri district of West Bengal under the Joint Operation by the jawans of this battalion and Ranchi Police.
  4. On 15.12.2010 under the leadership of ASP Gagara, Shri Sunny Tigga, "E" Coy of JAP-1 arrested P.L.F.I. extremist Buddha Lall Kekhor and Sudhama Kekhor from Maila Pad village under Gagara Police Station. The following items were also recovered from their possession: - .315 bullets - 86 rds. Detonator - 24 pcs. Home Made Weapon - 02 pcs. Muzzle Loading Gun - 02 pcs, Gas cylinder (05 kg) - 02 Pcs, Sewing Machine - 1 pc., Interlock Machine - 1 pc, Fuse Wire - 66 Mtr., Codex wire - 1 mtr. , First Aid Box - 1 Set, Camouflaged Pant - 02 pcs., Camouflaged color piece - 1 ream, P.L.F.I Letter Pad- 100 pcs, Jungle Boot - 2 Pair, Terry Camouflaged Color- 1 pc, Khaki Belt - 1 pc., Charcoal Powder- 500 gm, Urea - 3 kg. & Bajaj Motor Cycle &1 (JH 08 A 7843).
  5. On 01.04.2011 during the search operation against the Extremist 04 extremists were arrested, 01 Man Pack, 01 Home made gun, Black Uniform, 01 Belt, 01 Rifle sling and Naxal literature was also recovered.
  6. Constable Sunil Bahadur of JAP-1has won two Gold Medals in 34th National Game 2011 held at Ranchi, Jharkhand in an individual event of Lawn Ball as well as on team event.
  7. Pipe Band of JAP-1 has won Gold Medal in XIth All India Police Band Competition held at Madhya Pradesh which has added to the credit of Jharkhand Police. 
Gorkha Police Officers in JAP-1
SN COY     Name                                                      Mobile No./ Phone No.
2. A Tilak Br. Thapa, Insp.(A)                       9661888391
3. B Hast Br. Gurung, Insp.(A) 9801302481
4. C Krishna Kr. Thapa, Sub-Insp.(A) 7209755869
5. D Prem Kr. Gurung, Insp.(A) 9431371058
6. E Ram Br. Chhetri, Insp.(A) 9677093212
7. F Ram Prasad Gurung, Insp.(A) 9835350943
8. G Sunil Kumar Chhetri, Insp.(A) 8969187548
9. H Jiwan Kr. Baraily, Sub-Insp.(A) 9431585505
10. I Ashok Pradhan, Insp.(A) 9831302449
11. J NA 9199393187
12. K Sundar Kr. Newar, Insp.(A) 9534225757
13. L Vishnu Prasad Rai, Insp.(A) 9608103974
14. M Khard Br. Magar, Insp.(A) 9572657329
15. N Mani Kr. Gurung, Insp.(A) 9471160344
16. JAP Control 0651-2480584
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