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Gorkha Major Rahul Gurung :The Kirti Chakra Winner in 2010

On 17 February, 2010, inputs were received from sources regarding the movement of underground elements through the corridor in Ukhrul district of Manipur. Major Rahul Gurung planned multiple ambushes in the areas of the riverbed and the valley. At 2250 hours, the infiltrating party of terrorists was intercepted by Major Gurung’s ambush party and in the firefight Major Gurung shot dead one terrorist. Another terrorist took cover behind a tree and was firing on the ambush party. Major Gurung sensing the urgency of situation, displaying undaunted bravery and inspirational courage, crawled towards the hiding terrorist and without regard for his personal safety, shot the terrorist from point blank range. The terrorists broke contact but Major Rahul Gurung and his party chased the group and subsequently three more terrorists were gunned down.
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