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Former Nepali crown prince Paras Shah arrested again in Bangkok

Bangkok: Former crown prince Paras Shah has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday. Thai Police also made him public as a criminal in handcuff. He has been on the news quite a lot lately for his string of arrests on drugs charges, was again picked up on another drug rap in Thailand, on Wednesday. His arrest was confirmed by Nepal's Embassy in Thailand on Friday. Thai police released some photographs of Paras—handcuffed, gaunt with a dark face and a long hair. He appears in black trousers, white shoes and black and white spotted t-shirt. Images of Paras Shah in handcuffs with Thai police officers around him surfaced on the internet on Friday after local Thai news portal Khai News (nongkhainewsonline.blogspot.com) posted the pictures. Two of the photos show Shah at the Investigation Phonphisai Police Station during what appears to be the police making his arrest public. In 2013, he was admitted to a Bangkok-based hospital for nearly a month after suffering a major heart attack. 

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