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Thapa's Last Stand : Mavir Chankra winner Nk Mahabir Thapa

In September 1961, Naik M. Thapa was a section commander in the rearguard platoon of the relief force withdrawing from Lufira Bridge in Congo. The force was ambushed at a roadblock a few miles from Elizabethville. The road had been mined by the enemy and the ambush site covered with fire. Although wounded even before he reached the roadblock, Naik Thapa deployed his section boldly and engaged the enemy with fire while manoeuvring to get to the flank of the ambush. He was grievously wounded by machine gun bullets. Despite this, he continued to lead his section and engage the enemy. Naik Thapa's section withdrew after everyone of the retreating force had a safe passage over the ambushed area. He was the last man to leave the area and a little later succumbed to his injuries. During the operation, Naik Thapa showed leadership and courage of the highest order. His gallant devotion to duty saved many lives and made an orderly withdrawal of the force possible.

Naik Mahabir Thapa was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir Chakra for the courage of highest order. 

Awarded Posthumously
Service: Army 

Arm: Infantry 

Unit: 3/1 Gorkha Rifles 

P. Number: 5030815

Birth: 03 Dec 1923

Died: 16 Sep 1961

Permanent Address: 
Village Sarudara Rajamawa
PO Jantala
Tehsil Sailyan
District Jayar Kot

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