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Mahavir Chakra winner Captain Kapil Singh Thapa (posthumously)

Captain Kapil Singh Thapa
Captain Kapil Singh Thapa, son of Subedar Major D.S. Thapa, was born on 2 November 1937, in village Panditwari, Dehradun, Uttrakhand. He was commissioned in the Jat Regiment on 30 June 1963. During the Indo-Pak War 1965, the 3 Jat Battalion operated in the Lahore sector. According to the brigade plan the lath were to capture Dograi on 21st September night after 13 Punjab had overrun the enemy defences east of Dograi. The battalion assigned different targets to its attacking companies in Dograi. The 'D' Company was asked to secure a foothold on the north-eastern projection of Dograi township. The company crossed the start line at 0139 hours. An enemy platoon, entrenched on the east bank of the canal, opposed its advance with intense medium machine gun fire. The enemy shelling also retarded the Indian progress. At this stage, the depth platoon of V' Company under Captain Thapa charged the enemy position across a minefield, which was belching fire. A fierce hand-to-hand fight ensued on the bunkers. Captain Thapa himself engaged the enemy with grenades and bayonets. In spite of heavy casualties, the platoon successfully made to the objective. However, Captain Thapa laid down his life in this grim battle. Captain Kapil Singh Thapa was awarded Mahavir Chakra for displaying conspicuous gallantry, determination and leadership, posthumously.
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