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Khukri Attack : Mahavir Chakra Winner Nk Prem Bahadur Gurung

Naik Prem Bahadur Gurung
The 3/4 Gorkha Rifles was deployed in the Siachen area in 1987. On 23rd September, the Pakistanis launched a fierce artillery offensive that killed the Indian Section Commander. Naik Prem Bahadur Gurung took over the command and led his men in repelling the enemy attacks. His bravery was inspiring as he ran twice to the platoon headquarters in the thick of battle to return with the ammunition. In their second attack the next night, when the enemy stood barely 50 meters away from the Indian post, Naik Gurung charged at them, armed with Grenades and a rifle. He went on firing, until his ammunition ran out. Then he unsheathed his Khukri and attacked the enemy, killing three Pakistani soldiers. However he was fatally wounded when a retreating Pakistani soldier shot him in the chest. He succumbed to his injuries soon after.
On 24 September 1987, at about 0325 hours, enemy troops launched yet another attack. When these troops were just 50 yards from the post, he got out of his trench and charged them, throwing grenades and firing with his rifle. At this gallant charge, the adversary's troops took to their heels. Having exhausted his ammunition, Naik Gurung threw away his rifles, unbuckled his khukri and ran after them hacking three of the four fleeing soldiers. But during the hand-to-hand fight, he was shot in the chest and later died. 

Naik Prem Bahadur Gurung displayed conspicuous bravery in the face of the enemy's troops and died fighting for his country.  Naik Gurung was posthumously honoured with the Mahavir chakra.

Gazette Notification: 34 Pres/88 26.1.88

Operation: 1987 Pawan Sri Lanka

Date of Award: 26 Jan 1987

Awarded Posthumously
Service: Army 
Arm: Infantry 
Unit: 3/4 Gorkha Rifles 

P. Number: 5342711

Birth: 22 Nov 1956

Died: 26 Jan 1987

Marital Status: Married

Spouse Name: Smt Maya Devi Gurung 

MVC, Operation: 1987 Pakistani Infiltration in Siachen

Date of Award: 26 Jan 1987 

Kalpana Devi Gurung, (Daughter)
Lakshmi Devi Gurung, (Daughter)
Mekh Bahadur Gurung, (Son) 

Permanent Address: 
C/o Hotel The Hungry-EYE & Restaurant
Ward No. 6, Lake Side
Pokhara - 6

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