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940 homes to be handed over to beneficiaries in Sikkim

Gangtok : As many as 940 families in rural areas of Sikkim, especially in the north district, will be getting the keys to their new homes on Thursday, September 18 under two special projects launched by the state government. The inauguration function also marks the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake that shook the state three years ago in 2011. The schemes include the Reconstruction of Earthquake Damaged Rural Houses (REDRH) project, which has funded 665 homes of the total, and the Chief Minister’s Rural Housing Mission (CMRHM), which has helped build the remaining 275 houses. According to an official statement, the guiding philosophy behind the two projects has been the ‘Build Back Better’ strategy. Both projects adopted the homeowner-driven implementation model that has helped the beneficiaries establish a sense of ownership and identity. 

The statement said, “An efficient and transparent mechanism of beneficiary selection, stock material management, physical progress monitoring and simplification of the technical elements has been established.” The projects took care of the house designing, building standards, construction material such as cement and steel, technical supervision and capital, while the homeowner executed the construction process by procuring other necessary construction material such as stone, sand and timber and the hiring of masons and workers. Some of them also pitched in from their pockets. Skills upgrading training sessions for masons and engineers were specially organised in partnership with IIT-Delhi. Many more houses under the two projects are slated for completion in the near future, concluded the official statement. 

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