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Indian-Nepali ghazal writer Samadarshi in Kathmandu

KURSEONG : A ghazal writer and singer, Sailendra Samadarshi from Kurseong will be participating in the International Nepali Ghazal Festival on August 22 and 23 at the Shilpi Theatre in Battishputali, Kathmandu. During the programme, Samadarshi will present a worksheet and speak on ‘Bharatma Nepali Gazal: Parampara ani Pravitti’ (the trend and tradition of Nepali ghazals in India). The event is being organised jointly under the International Nepali Ghazal Manch and Anammanli, Nepal to mark and observe the 149th birth anniversary of ghazalist and youth poet Motiram Bhatta. Samadarshi is known as a plush gazalist as well as ghazal researcher in the Indo-Nepal ghazal literary world. He is the only Indian Nepali ghazalist who has been invited by the organising committee to participate and places his worksheet at a valued level. Samadarshi is also a well-known journalist from Kurseong and has worked in several Nepali dailies.
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